Riverview COVID-19 Reopening Plan:


As we continue in our Remote Learning model, we are also developing a phased-in approach to returning students to school.  There are three plans (A, B, C), and 7 phases spanning the three plans. 


We are currently in Plan A Phase 1 - Remote Learning.

Plan A Phase 1.PNG

Plan A Phase 1 - Remote Learning

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Plan A / Phase 1 - Remote Learning  (*exceptions for identified students noted below)

  • Students will engage in learning during meetings with assigned teachers online and will work independently between meetings.

  • A school schedule based on a typical school day will be determined for each grade/content level. Schedules for students will be forthcoming.

  • Students identified for targeted support will attend school for specialized services (examples include Preschool, PAIVE, iSet, Life Skills).  Schedules for identified students will be forthcoming.

  • Learning Management System (Seesaw K-2 and Skooler 3-12) is where teachers, students, and parents will go for planning, assignments, and messaging.

We will also share plans on additional learning models when physical distancing requirements can properly accommodate in-person instruction once again.


As we have stated in previous communications, surveys were intended to be sent to our staff and families, prior to releasing formalized plans on school in the fall. With the increase in COVID-19 cases around our region and community transmission reaching renewed levels of spread, we are moving forward with Remote Learning planning, allowing our Riverview community the opportunity to begin making their plans now. Surveys will be sent to our staff and families in mid-August.


Thank you to our Riverview community for their continuing support in a complex and challenging time.

For Additional Information:

Along with the Engage website, stay connected to Riverview School District social media for additional updates.


For additional questions, please email Riverview School District through the following email addresses: stayengaged@rsd407.org or communications@rsd407.org.