June 18th Community Update

Dear Riverview Community,

During the COVID-19 school closure and outbreak, we have continued to provide weekly updates from different Riverview School District departments. With the school year coming to a close on Friday, June 19, 2020, this will be the last weekly communication for the existing school year.

In this communication, we are happy to share updates from the following:

• Superintendent's Office

• Teaching and Learning

• Business and Operations

• Information Technology

• Student Services

• Communications Office

SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE By: Dr. Anthony Smith, Superintendent - Riverview School District

This will be the last weekly communication update for the 2020-2021 School Year. We will be providing updates to parents, families, and the Riverview Community as things become clearer with our draft plans for the Reopening of Schools for the 2020-2021 School Year. In this week's update, you will be able to read our current thinking as it applies to the Reopening of Schools in September.

Our community and staff have been appreciative of us sharing our thinking in "real time" and being out in front with our planning. This has allowed for stakeholders to conceptualize benefits and challenges to our models and provide us with direct feedback on our draft plans. The goal is to assist parents and staff in making tentative plans for things like childcare, work schedules, lesson planning, and classroom preparation, etc.

We are looking forward to sending out a parent survey in late July/early August to have parents provide feedback on our Reopening of Schools plan, as well as preferences for their student's school experience.

Superintendent Shoutout

This week's shoutout goes to the entire Riverview Community!

I continued to enjoy all the school events over the past week, including Cedarcrest High School Graduation, Tolt Middle School's 8th Grade Moving Up, and various Elementary 5th Grade Promotion events throughout the district. In every case, I saw the incredible connection and compassion our staff shares with our Riverview Community, our parents, and most importantly, our students. This was clearly demonstrated by all those that supported our students, both on our campuses and out in the community, during and after all the events and celebrations. A highlight for me was being asked to speak at the Tolt Virtual 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony. Thanks to everyone for their tireless dedication toward making sure every single student felt valued and appreciated.

Stay Engaged Updates

Below are the Week 13, and Running Totals, for Stay Engaged Website calls and emails we have responded to:

Week 13

Teaching & Learning: 0

Tech Support/IT: 57

Communications: 0

Lunch Program: 0

Childcare: 0

HR/Business Offices: 2

Student Services/Buildings: 3

Running Total

Teaching & Learning: 82 - 5.22%

Tech Support/IT: 1372 - 87.28%

Communications: 20 - 1.27%

Lunch Program: 28 - 1.78%

Childcare: 15 - 0.95%

HR/Business Offices: 34 - 2.16%

Student Services/Buildings: 21 - 1.34%

Grand Total: 1572

We will continue to respond to phone calls and emails through the Stay Engaged Website throughout the summer.

Superintendent Weekly Update

Fall Reopening of the School Year and Plans

(Note: Section I is mostly a repeat of information we provided last week and, in the weeks, prior. Section II provides more details about what the school schedule might look like for students returning to school at our schools. Section III provides an overview of an online learning option. Section IV provides a conclusion, knowing that we are in the initial stages of the planning process, with nothing set at this time.)

Our final plan, available sometime prior to mid-August, will be guided by:

  • What is best for all students and every student.

  • Guidance from the State Department of Health and Public Health - Seattle & King County.

  • Guidance from OSPI and the State Board of Education.

  • Agreement in the form of Memorandum of Understandings with REA and PSE.

  • Informal and formal feedback from staff, parents, students where applicable, and the community.

  • Consulting with other school districts

Section I (overview of the last month of planning)

A week ago, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, held a press conference on reopening schools and released a publication on the topic of reopening, available by clicking the following link:


The publication is in sync with what the district has been sharing over the past month or so. We will be sharing specifics on how all the guidance applies to Riverview in August when we know what the Department of Health is recommending/requiring for our area.

Over the past several weeks we have been immersing ourselves in protocols and options for reopening schools in the fall. We have been in conversations on a national, state-wide, regional, and local level. We will be spending the rest of June and the entire month of July preparing to reopen schools in the fall. The guidance from OSPI last week did not change the scenarios we are looking at which was mentioned in previous Riverview communication updates:

  1. Open up school as it was prior to closing schools.

  2. Continuation of Remote Learning.

  3. Having students attend in shifts or altering days to adhere to social distancing protocols.

  4. A hybrid model, where a combination of numbers two and three above are used.

Currently, the most likely scenario would involve a continuation of Remote Learning for some students (#2 above) and a schedule that has students attending in shifts or altering days to adhere to social distancing protocols for health and safety (#3 above).

Section II (student returns to school)

Based on direct conversations yesterday with regional superintendents and leaders from Public Health - Seattle & King County and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Departments, the likely Reopening of Schools in September could look like the following, which is by no means a final plan:

One day per week could be dedicated to the first half of the day meeting targeted intervention needs of individual students and groups of students needing additional targeted assistance. This could include, but is not limited to, students that have individual education needs, EL student needs, students with social emotional needs, students with behavioral needs, students that are significantly behind in meeting standards, students that are credit deficient, and other identified student groups. The second half of the day could be dedicated to what is typical for our early release Fridays with additional time for student follow-up, conferencing, planning, grade level and content specific meetings, professional learning, etc.

The other four days could look like the following:

PK-3 attends four days a week as a total class and is able to meet social distancing guidelines within the classroom.

4-12 attends two days a week, so class sizes are split in half with half attending two days and the other half attending two days. We will need to have a uniform approach as we not only have social distancing requirements in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. This will mean huge challenges at lunch with students possibly in a "grab and go" situation where they could be dispersed throughout the campus according to a social distancing plan.

Section III (student is full-time Remote Learning)

Existing staff will likely be allocated to work with full time Remote Learning students. Teachers doing this will likely use an existing online curriculum such as Apex for courses at the secondary level. For the elementary level, we still need to have ongoing conversations for what that model could look like. For the most part, staff that has class onsite will not be simultaneously teaching students that are coming to school, and at the same time teaching numerous full-time students online. A model like that will not work.

Section IV (conclusion)

I have high confidence that together, we will create the right plan for Reopening. Know that your school district is on the cutting edge of what is being done in other districts and around the country. In fact, with this communication, we will be one of the first districts in our region to suggest Reopening School possibilities for the start of our planning process. There is no doubt that the complexity of every aspect of the planning for this is immense. That is why we are sharing our current thoughts, so everyone can grasp and conceptualize a starting point for this work together.

TEACHING AND LEARNING By: Dr. Randy Stocker, Assistant Superintendent - Teaching and Learning

Thank you!

I was struggling to find the right way to begin this communication and continued to come back to "Thank You." We greatly appreciate the support, questions, co-teaching, ideas, understanding, perspectives, and more that you have shared and provided since the school closure began. We feel there have been some successes in a difficult time and we are now rolling up our sleeves to begin work on the 2020-21 school year. Fortunately, the ideas and thoughts that were shared from parents/guardians/families, students, and staff, will help guide our work.

If you're looking for learning activities or fun things to do or explore this summer, I would like to guide parents, guardians, and families to the Engage - Riverview 407 website in the coming days. Our Teaching and Learning Department is in the process of updating summer resources and learning activities for students and families.

From the Teaching and Learning Department, we wish you a good summer and end where we began...

Thank You!

BUSINESS AND OPERATIONS By: Meisha Robertson, Director

Food Services:

Since the school closure on March 13, we have served over 28,000 meals! We will miss seeing you all at the "Grab and Go" meal pickups.

Riverview School District sent out additional information earlier this week to all families regarding the summer feeding resources in our community. If you missed this information you can access it on the stay engaged website under the food services tab.


As we take steps to plan for reopening in the fall, we are following guidance as it is released from OSPI, the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and the Washington Department of Health to ensure that we are prioritizing the health and safety of our staff and students as we start to return to school. We will continue to work hard to release plans in the coming months, focusing on Transportation, Food Services and Childcare.

The district will continue to explore options for Food Services, with our Food Services team and release plans the closer we get to school.


With the school year coming to a close, we are confident we will be able to provide transportation for students to and from school. We will continue to monitor guidance on the best practices to ensure the safety of all riders.


We will not be providing childcare during the school day for students not attending school. The district is planning to have extended day childcare options available, but will be limited to the parameters put in place by the Department of Health's guidance on childcare.


Our custodial and maintenance crews will be hard at work over the summer deep cleaning all our buildings and ensuring they are equipped with the required PPE and ensuring that recommended safeguards are in place for the return of staff and students.

On behalf of our entire Business and Operations teams, I wish all our students and families a safe and fun summer. I hope you all find time to relax and re-energize! We cannot wait to see you all this fall!

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY By: Christopher Collins, Director

Engage - Riverview 407:

The Engage website has been a valuable resource for this difficult time, handling over 1,600 requests supporting students, staff, and families since the closure. We will continue to use the Engage website, and likely provide additional resources and information through there.

Core 4:

The Teaching and Learning, Student Services, and Information Technology departments have been participating in the Reimagine WA ED trainings with Jeff Utecht. The Core 4 is a system of four applications needed in creating a powerful learning platform for every student, teacher, and family.

The four applications must include:

  1. A Home Base - The Learning Management System (Skooler) is where all learning starts. We teach students and families that this is where you go for planning, assignments, and messaging.

  2. A Content Manager - This is the content storage (Microsoft OneDrive). The same platform should be used by both teachers and students.

  3. A Community Video App - This is your synchronous video app (Teams or Zoom). This is where we build community, debate, have conversations and interact with students in real-time.

  4. An Instructional Video App - This is for the asynchronous instruction videos (Screencast-O-Matic) that we need to create for students and parents to learn from. This is where we deliver new content, explain theories, and walk students through new skills and knowledge.

Teaching & Learning and Information Technology are working closely together to provide a library of resources and training to better understand the concept and use of the Core 4 in Riverview.

Technology Levy Updates:

We continue to work through some significant Levy projects:

  • Planning for the additional of digital display equipment at our elementary classrooms.

  • Replacement laptops for classroom teachers.

  • Continued improvements to the district Wireless infrastructure.

  • Preliminary work to begin the installation of a state-of-the-art camera security system for all district buildings.

In closing, and as you have heard from others, this was a tough year. IT will remain active over the summer (our busiest time - yikes!) for any supports you need and will be actively preparing hardware and software solutions for August and moving forward. Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful summer and we will see you soon!

Please remember to direct your needs to the "Stay Engaged" support site. Email: stayengaged@rsd407.org | Hotline: 425.844.4544.


By: Molly Lutz, Director

As we complete the final week of school, I want to thank you all for the resilience and commitment you have shown during this Spring. We have always valued the parent/guardian partnership in our students' success. This partnership has never been more meaningful than it has been during this time of remote learning.

Although it sometimes feels like there are more questions than answers, I want to assure you that all of us are firmly committed to serving your student in a safe, supportive and effective way. Our team is looking at all current IEP matrices and considering how to best meet the needs of each individual student when school resumes in the fall. We continue to collaborate with other districts and OSPI to ensure we are providing the highest possible level of education and services to your students.

You can expect your student's case manager to be in contact with you in the fall to discuss dates and times for IEP and Evaluation meetings.

I hope you will take some time to relax this summer. Go make some fun memories with your kids. I think it's safe to say that 2020 may be one of the most memorable years ever!

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE By: Michael Ward, Coordinator

Click below to see a video message from the Riverview School District Communications Office and thank you everyone for helping us all make it through a year we will never ever forget!


If you have any questions regarding any aspect of Riverview's response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit our "Engage" website (https://engage.rsd407.org), or contact Riverview School District through our hotline, (425) 844-4544, or via e-mail at stayengaged@rsd407.org.

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