We all wish we were back in school, but until we can get there we have to rethink what remote learning can be.  The RSD Teaching & Learning department along with the Information Technology staff have been working tirelessly to best support remote learning.  This set of tool is what we call the RSD Core 4.

Please explore the links below to familiarize yourself with these tools. Thank you again for your continued support.  Sincerely, and on behalf of all IT staff,

Christopher B. Collins

Director of Information Technology



RSD Core 4

The RSD Core 4 is a system of four applications used in creating a powerful learning platform for every student, teacher, and family. 

The four applications include: 

  1. A Home Base – The Learning Management System (Skooler 3-12, Seesaw K-2) is where all learning starts. This is where students and families go for planning, assignments, and messaging. 

  2. A Content Manager – This is the content storage (Microsoft OneDrive). The same platform should be used by both teachers and students.

  3. A Community Video App – This is our synchronous video app (Teams or Zoom) used to build community, debate, have conversations, and interact with students in real-time.

  4. An Instructional Video App – This is our asynchronous video app (Screencast-O-Matic) used for instructional videos that deliver new content, explain theories, and walk students through new skills and knowledge. 


RSD Core 4 Loop


The Teaching & Learning and Information Technology departments have compiled visual resources for families to learn more about the Core 4.  Click on the graphic below to explore this "Learning Loop"

Core 4 Loop Parents.PNG

Skooler LMS

Skooler is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is integrated with our Office 365 software suite.  It connects to Skyward for parent and roster data and pulls all of the district resources into one dashboard for Students, Parents / Guardians, and Teachers.

The Skooler LMS will serve three primary functions this year:

  1. Plans for all classes

  2. Assignments in a central location

  3. Instant Messaging for staff to send quick messages to students or families

Getting Started with Skooler

Click here to get started with the Parent Dashboard for Skooler and learn all about the tools.

Detailed information on registering with Skooler is in the Loop link above.  We do need parents to:

  • Verify their email address in Skyward.  If you do not know, or do not have a Skyward account, parents must reach out to the school your child attends.

  • If you have any issues with activating your account, please simply reach out to the Stay Engaged email at, or by calling the Hotline at 425.844.4544.


Internet Access

We understand that reliable internet is critical for remote learning with technology.  The district offers:

  • Connection to local service providers per OSPI  |  Learn More Here

  • Mobile Hotspots for check out*

  • Need help figuring out what is best for you?  Complete this quick survey to help us get you connected

  • Material deliveries on USB devices for students without home internet service, or without cellular service

* Please note:​  Mobile Hotspots require that the location of use has sufficient cellular signal for the service to work


Additional IT Resources

Please visit our IT site for additional resources and information available to parents.  Here you will find:

  • Device repair procedures

  • Parent / Student handbook

  • Tools to help monitor your student device at home