The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides answers to questions from our Riverview Community, asking questions about school and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please note that as guidance could change at any time from Public Health – Seattle & King County (PHSKC), the Governor’s Office, and/or the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the questions and responses may likewise change as conditions and situations mandate. 

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How do families register for the virtual option?

To register, please complete the form at

Copy and paste this web address into your browser.

What is the deadline for signing up for virtual learning?

The registration deadline is August 31, 2021. The registration form can be completed at:

Copy and paste this web address into your browser.

Would students in the virtual learning program still be part of the Riverview SD?

Yes, students would still be enrolled in the Riverview School District.

Will students be able to attend school functions while enrolled in virtual learning?

This would be contrary to meeting educational needs through virtual learning due to health concerns. Participation or attendance at school functions will need to be determined on a case by case basis.

Can students return to in-person learning at their schools anytime?

The Edgenuity virtual learning platform structures classes for a full semester of learning. Students would be able to return to their schools at the semester break. We will work with families with unusual or unique situations.

Can students start the year in-person and switch to the virtual program at a later date?

In-person learning is being structured to follow safety guidelines from our health authorities. It will be best for families to select either in-person or virtual option at the beginning of the year. The Edgenuity platform and pacing is designed to start at the beginning of each semester.

Will students have a teacher they interact with, or is the program entirely asynchronous?

The program is primarily asynchronous with a teacher assigned to each student. Students and families can contact the teacher with questions and for support. Benchmark assessments will be conducted synchronously with the Edgenuity teacher.

Will students have Riverview teachers?

The virtual option will not be staffed by Riverview teachers. The virtual option will be staffed solely by teachers employed by Edgenuity. Edgenuity teachers are certificated by the State of Washington.

What does a typical day look like?

The daily schedule is largely determined by the parent or guardian. Edgenuity provides a sample schedule from which families can build a schedule that works for them.

With primarily asynchronous learning, are lessons to be taught at home by a parent or caregiver?

The courses are designed for students at their age/grade level, with assistance provided by a parent or caregiver.

What are the class sizes?

As this program is asynchronous, students are learning independently at home with a parent or guardian. Students do not come together as a group.

How many hours a day does it take for the curriculum to be completed?

This is largely dependent on the family. Edgenuity uses approximately one hour per subject area as a guideline, with shorter times for younger students.

How does this Edgenuity curriculum match with the RSD schedule?

As the learning is asynchronous, families can choose to align it with the daily schedule of a school. Edgenuity provides a sample day calendar.

How do the classes available compare to RSD courses?

Edgenuity curriculum is aligned to Washington State Learning Standards. They do not utilize RSD curriculum and courses may not be an exact match to our in-person courses or curriculum.

What materials will be provided for students?

Students in grades K-6 will receive workbooks to support their learning. Students are expected to have general classroom supplies with which to work. If there are specific needs, families can reach out to their home schools for support in getting materials.

Will students keep their school district device?

Yes, as students are still enrolled in the Riverview School District.

How is student progress measured?

Progress is monitored through the learning platform and an alert goes to the Edgenuity teacher if a student is not progressing. There are benchmark tests in English Language Arts and Math. These tests are provided synchronously with the Edgenuity teacher.

Will students take district and state standardized assessments?

Yes, students will take required assessments such as the Smarter Balanced Assessment and the, Early Literacy Screener.

What support will families receive?

Edgenuity provides a “Learning Coach” resource book for parents and guardians. Parents and guardians can also contact their student’s teacher and schedule a time for a meeting for their student and/or for themselves.

Can we select the materials and subjects our child(ren) will engage with through this platform?

Students in grades K-5 will be registered into English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Art for the first semester. Students in grades 6-8 will be registered into English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Digital Citizenship for the first semester.

Can we create our own learning program using Edgenuity and other resources as we wish?

The Edgenuity platform is designed to be completed within a given timeframe. A proposed pacing schedule is provided and students are expected to complete the full course. Any supplemental learning activities would be up to individual families.

Why was Edgenuity selected for Riverview’s K-8 virtual learning option?

Like many surrounding districts our size, it is extremely difficult to offer in-person learning and virtual learning simultaneously. To address this need, the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) developed the cooperative to help school districts provide families with an option for virtual learning while still being enrolled in their home school districts. The PSESD selected Edgenuity due to its success providing virtual learning options for many districts.

I have seen both positive and negative online reviews about Edgenuity.  Have you looked into this?

We reached out to Edgenuity about negative reviews. They have found that districts who have implemented the platform without any teacher involvement have not had good results. They have seen success when students have access to a teacher, whether an Edgenuity teacher or a district provided teacher. Our students will be assigned a teacher from Edgenuity.

Why were families not surveyed about their desires for virtual learning?

The PSESD began working on a solution last April, as many districts wanted to provide an option for their students should there be a need in the fall. Last spring, numbers were greatly reduced and people shared their desires to have students in schools. Given the recent uptick in the delta variant, we were fortunate to have the PSESD virtual option available for families seeking something other than in-person learning.

Where can we go to learn more about the Edgenuity platform?

We will continue to provide updates to this FAQ document. The Edgenuity website provides information about their materials and platform.

How will Special Education students be served?

With the virtual option, Special Education services will be provided by the home school. The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team will convene to determine details and methods of delivery to meet a student’s IEP goals.

Can you share more about assessments?

As the program is online learning software, the software monitors student responses and provides the Edgenuity teacher with information regarding student progress. If a student begins to fall behind, the Edgenuity teacher will reach out to the student/family to check in. The benchmark assessments in English Language Arts and Math will happen synchronously with the Edgenuity teacher.

How does the program work?

Edgenuity has provided us with an Elementary Guide and a Secondary Student Experience video. To read through the Elementary Guide, please copy and paste this link in your browser: To view the Secondary Student Experience video, please copy and paste this video link into your browser:

How many students does the Edgenuity teacher work with?

The teacher for grades K-5 works with 50 students and for grades 6-12 works with 250 students.

Does the software provide for student accommodations?

Yes, we can set up the software to provide accommodations such as extended time, text to speech, and read aloud. These accommodations will be aligned with the goals of a student’s IEP.

What happened to all the resources on the Engage site?

The Engage website was designed to support families through the 2020-21 school year. With the return to fulltime in-person learning for the 2021-22 school year, all of the previous content on the Engage website has been archived. On the new site you will find: - The COVID-19 Data Dashboard - The Frequesntly Asked Questions regarding the K-8 Virtual Learning prorgam - Link to the new District Website For information regarding Riverview School District services (Teaching and Learning, Transportation, Food Service, Technology, Student Services). The Stay Engaged hotline and email remain in place for COVID-19 specific questions and assistance. The email is and the hotline is 425.844.4544.