Stay Engaged

Welcome to the “Stay Engaged” resources of the Riverview School District.  This site is devoted to supporting our students, families, and community.  The resources within will be updated as needed or required. 


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What does “Stay Engaged” look like at the elementary level?

While students are away from school, we would like to help them stay engaged in learning. To support families, the Riverview School District has created a series of lessons and activity choices. The documents below are organized by day and subject. Each day gives students a variety of opportunities to connect with the different academic subjects. Students are encouraged to work at a comfortable pace. 


Please note: While the activities are arranged in a daily format, there is no expectation or need for families to do every activity, every day.


What does “Stay Engaged” look like at the secondary level?

Grade level and department teams have developed weekly plans of suggested activities for students in their courses to stay engaged in ways that complement and reinforce, but don’t replace, classroom learning. 


The focus is to keep students active during this interim to stay sharp for the day they return to regular in-school classes.  Students will find several high-interest activities designed to keep their minds thinking about math, science, social studies, and language arts.  Electives and strand classes, such as band and choir, art and technology, and health and fitness also have activities to keep students engaged in learning. 


The templates are organized by grade level for the middle school (families will only need to click on one link to find nearly all their students’ classes); while at the high school, templates are organized by subject area. 


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