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Message from Superintendent Dr. Smtih, Ray LaBate, and John Bomar:
April 8, 2020; April 10, 2020 update
Dear Riverview Seniors (CHS and RLC):

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how much we care about you and to update you on expectations so you can finish your Senior year of school and graduate in good standing to achieve your future goals. First of all, we would like to commend you for your hard work, resiliency and caring during an international pandemic crisis. No one in the world saw this coming during your Senior Year of school in Riverview. We understand that in addition to finishing your Senior Year strong, there are many other things you are dealing with as related COVID-19. You are in our thoughts on a daily basis.


Most of you have been communicating with your teachers through Teams, Skooler, Zoom, email, phone calls or other platforms. Communication has taken many forms, depending on you and your teachers’ preferences. As a general rule, communication should begin through email. In many cases this includes or is followed up by links to additional resources. You need to continue to communicate with your teachers and counselors as needed. They are working very hard to communicate with you.


Here's what we know at this time:


Beginning Monday, April 20, we will be making a shift from recommended studies and activities to required assignments that will be assessed. Our grading system on the assignments, and overall semester grades at the high school level have not been finalized at this point. The School Board and Superintendent will be discussing flexible policy options with the goal of supporting both Seniors and students grades 9-11. We are talking with your teachers and principals as well as having state-level conversations with elected officials.


The grading system at the high school level is most likely to be a Pass/No Credit system for all second semester classes.


The Washington State Board of Education voted on April 8 to allow districts to waive certain graduation requirements, with at least two conditions:


  1. Students must have been on track to graduate as of the closure date. This has not been legally defined, but the basic concept is that students need to have been enrolled in second semester coursework that would have fulfilled graduation requirements.

  2. Students and schools must make a good faith effort to complete second semester coursework. This is not yet defined, but we believe it will require districts to give Seniors an opportunity to complete their courses, which we are doing.


The main idea is that the state isn't giving permission to just waive the credits and take the rest of the school year off; students will have to meet expectations from teachers to pass classes. We will issue this waiver compassionately and consistently knowing that some students will face extraordinary challenges during this time.


  • As stated previously, counselors, teachers, administrators, and others are working behind the scenes to know the status of each Senior. When guidance becomes clear, we can move quickly to help each student with their plan to graduate.

  • Some of you still have state mandated tests or other alternatives to pass to graduate. We expect to receive more guidance on this from the state of Washington in the coming weeks.


We know there are many unanswered questions about how this closure will impact opportunities for Seniors and Underclassmen. School District Superintendents and others have been in contact with university admissions at major universities. They are assuring us that colleges and universities around the country are going to be flexible. They are stating they will not penalize students if high school classes are changed to Pass/No Credit grading. We encourage every college bound student to contact college admission offices for confirmation. Your counselors can help you with this process. As we shared in a meeting with CHS Seniors on your last day of regular school prior to cancellation, this is a nationwide challenge for universities in every state – you are not alone.


At this time, we have not cancelled Senior rites of passage such as Graduation Ceremonies and Senior Awards Night. We will ultimately do what is necessary to keep our community safe, but we will also pull together to do everything in our power to allow the Class of 2020 to complete high school with dignity and celebration. We will do our best to make this a special time for Seniors and will communicate with you as we know more. We will be seeking the input of Seniors during this process.


Our Seniors have been with us for up to thirteen years and are a big part of the Riverview School District Family. Helping them complete school and successfully transition to college, career, apprenticeships, or the military is our top priority.


Our hearts stand with our Seniors and their families during this time.



See also the Washington Colleges Joint Statement linked on the left, and again here.